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EFG (Emoticons For Geeks)

From:Jeffrey Henning <jeffrey@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 7, 1999, 21:11
Charles <catty@...> comunu:

> I might go for a IJK = "I'm just kidding".
I like that! In fact, I'd like to stop using traditional emoticons all together and use a new dialect of TLAs (3-letter acronyms) involving only three sequential letters (24 possibilities). Care to help me fill it out? ABC - Auxlangers Be Careful BCD - CDE - Closing Down for the Evening DEF - Don't End the Flaming (ironic) EFG - Emoticons For Geeks -- the name of this system FGH - Funny Geek Hello GHI - Going Home, Internet HIJ - Hey, I'm Jolly -- replaces :-) IJK - I'm Just Kidding -- replaces ;-) JKL - Just Kidding a Little [Ha, ha, only serious] KLM - 1000 Laughs-a-Minute [inflationary replacement for LOL] LMN - Last-Millenium Neat [or, "That's so 2nd millenium!"] MNO - My Noteworthy Opinion [replaces IMHO and IMNSHO] NOP - No Opinion Preferred OPQ - PQR - Please Quit Replying (PQR to this thread!) QRS - Quote Relevant Stuff (in other words, stop wasting bandwidth by adding short comments to long quotes) RST - Rename the Subject (line) of this Thread! STU - STOP TYPING UPPERCASE! TUV - Thank U Very [replaces TIA] UVW - U are Very Welcome VWX - Very Welcome eXchange WXY - XYZ - GHI, Jeffrey