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Re: Cein

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 5, 2001, 16:16
Cede BP Jonsson:

> > So the spirant mutation variant of /m/ is /mm/? I like the > > look of double m in the beginning of words, but I already have > > [v] as the spirant mutation of [m]. I also have {r} for {rh} > > and [l] for [K] (i.e. {ll}). The only one I don't have a spirant > > mutation for is [n], which I suppose could be [nn], as in e.g. > > _i nnog_ 'the dwarfs' from _nog_ 'dwarf'. > > > > I guess I could change the spirant mutation of [m] to [mm] > > instead of [v] to avoid the clash with soft mutation.
> Of course the wicked thing to do would be to have /n/ > /D/ parallel > to /m/ > /v/! :-)
Oh! I like that! I've now officially decided to have /D/ for both the soft and spirant mutation forms of /n/. Wi-cked! Why didn't I think of that?
> But more importantly, mightn't the definite article cause nasal > mutation in the plural? The attested form _in Eldaron_ shows > that at least in some cases the plural could be _in_. > You might get _i ddog_ pl. _i nnog_.
Yes, I've thought of this too, but decided to have spirant mutation as the plural anyway. That's the only place where the spirant mutation occurs. And I've already written most of the rules for it. Of course, this is what economists refer to as a "sunk cost". What's done in the past is irrelevant for a decision made now. OTOH, I like this feature of Cein, spirant mutation in the plural, and it makes it different from Sindarin too (in that the plural article isn't _in_).
> It hit me that the most probable speakers of Cein would be the > sons of Feanor: they would try to cling to Quenya as their > in-group language, but it would be inexorably drawn towards the > Sindarin spoken with and by everybody else around!
That's a good idea. I haven't really got any other ideas for the conculture/history. Where do I read up on that (for a loser that doesn't have the entire HoME series, just LotR, Silm, UT and LT 1+2, and the articles on Ardalambion)? That background story makes me think I have to borrow lots of Sindarin words, instead of as now just occasionally. OTOH, they might be like those Icelandic bastards ;), which use and coin new words from their old ones, but change the phonology without even realizing it. ;) That's probably the way to go. Sela elen sen i ly o'i ofenhidd mew! ||| daniel -- <> Mad llammgalf! <> <> <> Ond llamm! <> <>