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Betreft: Crow vs Lakota

From:Rob Nierse <rnierse@...>
Date:Monday, January 17, 2000, 9:38
>>> Mike Adams <abrigon@...> 01/16 7:47 >>>
Of course in the modern dys I expect the old animosities are fading, less need for them. They are both trying to preserve their cultures from outside includes, such as TV.. Seen it alot here in Alaska, where many Inuit kids don't want to learn the lingo, or even know the culture, they know more of gangsta rap and such then they do of their own culture..
Reminds of the Lokono Arawak here in Holland. After practising there ritual dances the youth start dancing 'the modern way'. About animosity: one time a member of the Arawakan club left the club. The reaction was: "No loss, since he actually was a Carib." Another time the secretary stopped his activities and left the club too "for obvious reasons". Everybody (Arawak + 1 "white") nodded, but I didn't understand. I asked later to the 'white' who seemed to understand and he explained that the man was from the Jubithana family and didn't felt at home at the Sabajo-dominated club. In Surinam they were rivals and in Holland the animosity was still alive, despite the fact that they wanted the same thing: to preserve Arawak culture and language. Rob