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Re: CHAT: Book recommendations?

From:Paul Bennett <paul.w.bennett@...>
Date:Monday, September 15, 2008, 14:44
On 9/9/08, J R <tanuef@...> wrote:
> I'm looking into purchasing the following, and would appreciate any > recommendations: > > 1. A dictionary of linguistic terms > 2. A grammar of Mandarin > 3. A grammar of Tagalog > 4. A Russian course > > (should be in English, preferably!)
Late to the party, but I can recommend adding to any books you end up getting with the appropriate Pimlseur CDs from a local library (unless you're made of money, in which case go ahead and buy them). Of the languages above, I've only done the first half-dozen lessons in Russian, and the first one lesson in Mandarin, but Pimsleur's French, Spanish, Czech and Ojibwe have all served me remarkably well -- the latter as my primary source. I imagine they'd have served me better were I as good at finishing projects as I am at starting them, but that's clearly a flaw in me rather than in the material. I second the recommendation of Trask's Dictionary of Grammatical Terms, by the way. Darned solid stuff, and always either on my desk or the shelves right next to it. Paul


J R <tanuef@...>