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Re: The Five-Page Language.

From:Stefan Fisahn <sf@...>
Date:Thursday, February 3, 2005, 9:16
> My proposal, then, is to completely specify an auxlang > in five pages. There would be one page covering
Hi, a lot out there have similar ideas. For example INTAL from Erich Weferling. A language wich wasn't intended to be a new language. The aim of INTAL was to find a balance between the schematic aspect of Esperanto and the naturalistic attributes of Interlingue and Interlingua. Of special note: INTAL offers a logical grammar and a set of rules to create words from the roots of Esperanto, IDO, Novial, Interlingue or Interlingua. INTAL offers only a set of grammatical structure words. Without its own vocabulary , the variations are regarded as dialects. Have a look at: --