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Re: CHAT: the language code (longish)

From:R. Nierse <rnierse@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 14, 1999, 6:40
> Van: dirk elzinga <dirk.elzinga@...> > Aan: Multiple recipients of list CONLANG <CONLANG@...> > Onderwerp: CHAT: the language code (longish) > Datum: maandag 12 juli 1999 21:38 > > Hey. > > I thought I'd have a go at a revision of the language code, based on > the outline which Boudewijn posted and incorporating some comments from > Carlos. I haven't quoted either of them in order to keep the post a > little shorter. >
> > The complete code for Tepa is: > > Tepa: Tf Pt*p+++11/4s(c)v(v/c) Mf++h+++t*a2c* Sbvosarga Lcd+600 >
Do you have information on Tepa on internet? I think I will like your language
> The observant reader might notice that the phonology part is much more > articulated than the others, and from that draw the conclusion that I'm > a phonologist. That would be a safe bet :-). I would like to see more > articulation of the syntax and morphology sections as well, but don't > really feel up to the task. Thoughts? > > Dirk > > -- > Dirk Elzinga > "All grammars leak." > -Edward Sapir