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Re: _Ath_aeldhôf-vy!

From:Dan Jones <dan@...>
Date:Friday, December 20, 2002, 7:00
Jan van Steenbergen wrote:
>Are you kidding? One of the first things I did after joining >RomanceConlang was >browsing its archives. One of the odd things the stroke me was the fact that >every once and a while there was a message by Dan Jones, titled "New Romlang >...". I remember a language called Dænæ (sorry if I misspelled it), or was >that >one of those projects that were aborted before their birth was complete?
Oh, they were referring to the same language! Daene is now called Sjoftenk, it's VL with Old Norse sound-changes, basically. No conculture or extensive description- I just started "doodling" at work one day. None of them are much more than sketches- I don't really find Romlangs to be too challenging. Interesting, but not really challenging, from my POV. Taking VL and making it into a language with ergative typology would be interesting for some people (and needless to say very challenging for me!), but it doesn't "turn me on". My favourite language "flavours", if you will are romance, latin/greek and celtic, which is what I try and aim for in my conlangs- giving Carashan, Aredos and either Rhendrin or Arvorec as examples of each. Dan -------------------------------- Pa vezer o vageal e bae Douarnenez e klever a-wechoù un trouz iskis: Kleier kêr Is a zo a seniñ dinandan ar mor.


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