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Interlinears for toma heylm [and Quenya]

From:Daniel Andreasson <noldo@...>
Date:Saturday, November 13, 1999, 20:41
Pablo Flores skrev:

> Grandsire, C.A. wrote: > > I don't know of a natlang that inflect adverbs,=20 > > but that doesn't mean that it's impossible.=20 > > One of my first conlangs inflected adverbs > > depending on the part of speech they completed.
> I don't know if it your conlang, but I remember reading once > about a lang where adverbs, when modifying a verb, agreed in > tense with it.
Hmm... I remember someone writing that Quenya adverbs should be inflected (or 'marked')=20 for case... ;) Anyway. What's up with the Quenya translation? Did we settle on 'Nai lambelya maruva sinome'? Looks like it when looking at the t-shirt home page. Good choice. Nai maruva =EDmen... or whatever... / Daniel Andreasson