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[despammed] Numerology & "Letterology"

From:Garth Wallace <gwalla@...>
Date:Monday, February 3, 2003, 4:59
Arthaey Angosii wrote:
> I don't believe in numerology, astrology, or related -ologies, but I > thought it might be fun to add something similiar to the conculture > surrounding my conlang. :) A minority group (which I think might be > geographically centered, rather than scattered geographically but > concentrated, say, socio-economically) believes that the "personalities" of > the letters that make up your name (and other words) have meaning and > affect things. > > There is (or, more accurately, there will be) a children's story involving > all the letters of the alphabet. Each letter has a name it's called by in > the story, separate from the sound-name -- eg, the first letter <g> is > simply |gih| /gI/, but it also has the nickname |Gilek|, which means > "lonely." This could be used to make clear which letter you mean -- > > A: "Che'emaeliv ne gih." (Write G.) > /tSe"meilIv nE gI/ > B: "Ne ghih?" (Gh?) > /nE xI/ > A: "Kre. Ne gih, ne Gilek." (No. G, the Lonely One.) > /krE nE gI nE gI"lEk/ > > Like radio-names for Roman letters -- C is Charlie, F is Foxtrot, etc. > > Anyhow, these nicknames would be standard, known and excepted by everyone, > because they're part of a widely used children's story for learning the > alphabet. But a small group took this letter-nickname-personality thing to > the next level and decided that entire words had personalities based on the > individual letters that made up the word. > > I'm imagining that they would have very complex, etabnannimous rules wrt > divining the total meaning of a word. I would give examples, but I would > first have to know the individual letters' personalities, and so far I only > vaguely know about G and K. I'll keep you guys posted, of course. ;) > > So, comments? Similar conlang-related conculture weirdness in other > people's works?
Sounds sort of like how the Hebrew script is treated in the Kabbalah, although that has more to do with matching letters and numbers.