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Phonology Question (Coda vs. Word Final)

From:David Peterson <thatbluecat@...>
Date:Friday, October 17, 2003, 6:39
Hi all,

I'm designing a phonology that may turn into a language that's kind of based on
Inuit. I won't lay it all out, but I decided I wanted a max CVC syllable. This
works out fine, word-finally. I have it so that a word can end in a vowel and
the following: n, s, t, k, q, and X. However, I don't really want all of these
to end a *syllable*. Using my random word generator, I came up with forms like:

oqFi (/F/ is a voiceless, bilabial fricative)

Etc. Aside from the first, which is iffy, the rest are perfectly hideous to me, and
I want to exclude them. I'd do this by making a rule such that all of the above
I mentioned could end a word, but not a syllable. To end a syllable, I'd have
just n and s. Are there natural languages that do this--make restrictions on
what can end a syllable that are harsher than on those that can end a word? Are
such restrictions realistic? Any info would be much appreciated. :)



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