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Re: Name mangling (Was: Re: First Sound Recording of Asha'ille!)

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 8, 2005, 18:38
This is getting fun. Kash has trouble with clusters, plain voiced stops, odd
vowels, schwa, etc. But voiceless stops are unasp. and semi-voiced in any
case. Generally the simplest strategy is to borrow the Spanish form....

> Henrik -> hendrik ['xEndrik] sorry about the -d-, but even historical > *-nr- ends up [-ndr-]; Span. Enrique > endrike
> Bjorn -> aargh. piyor(o,a)n [pi'(j)oron ~ -an] The -i- could be reduced > to [j], which would come a little closer.....
> Arthaey Angosii -> Nativized spelling pronunc.: atre angosi ['atre > aN'gosi]; attempt at pronounced version: árase (Angosii no problem)
> Rachel -> Span.: rakél; Engl. recel ['rEcEl] (maybe too close to reçel > [rESel] 'to trade')
> Robert -> Span: ropetro, Engl. approx robet
> Roland -> rolando no problem!
> Rudy -> ruti; unlikely rundi
> Lisa -> lisa > > Other: > John -> can [tSan]; huwán could approximate Juan; yohan possible, but it > means 'vanish'; cohan ?? > Jane -> cen, huwana, or maybe ce(h,y)an (OFr. Jehan vel sim.) > Ann(e) -> an, but ana better > Anna -> ana (but it means 'child'...)
The problem with monosyllabic names is that they might be assumed to be Gwr, not a Good Thing.
> Harry -> (spelling) hari ['xari]; otherwise heri ['xEri] > Alice -> alis; maybe better aliça [a'liSa] > English -> Span. ingilés; possible íngiliç (could be the plural of > "ingil", yet to be defined) > Mary -> mariya best, or meri ['mEri] > Alexander -> alehandro easiest; possible to approach the real pronunc. by > writing it as a compound: alek-sander
Roger: racar; Frederick: feteriko best, fendrik OK; Mills milis or translated yunjunuç (ugh.)-- angeçunjun 'son of miller' would be a logical name for a commoner, but it's not my name.... If I were nobility, I'd be raca(r) rona milis 'Roger 2nd-child Mills'-- in olden times when females didn't count, I'd be ...mesa... '1st' and would inherit EVERYTHING mwahahaha...dream on.


Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>