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Re: Scandinavian languages (was: Re: anti-Sanskritism and more)

From:Douglas Koller, Latin & French <latinfrench@...>
Date:Monday, December 1, 2003, 15:28
Isadora skrev:

>I'll leave it up to the Scandinavians on the list to give you the >definitive answer on this one, since Danish is my second language. When I >have tried to read Norwegian, it has gone reasonably well. When I have >tried to read Swedish, it has not gone nearly so well. I have had very >little aural exposure to either language. > >I can tell you that a Danish friend told me that she once picked up a book >and started reading. She didn't have any particular trouble reading it, >but she was very surprised to find so many orthographical errors in a >printed book. Eventually, she realized that the book was written in >Norwegian. > >I know that the Swedes on the list have complained about how poorly the >Danish language is enunciated, making it very difficult for them to >understand spoken. We have at least one Dane on the list. (Do we have >more?) Do we have any Norwegians?
A site you might find of interest is: Back in my Taiwan years, I found a better, more readable site on the subject, but I can't seem to find it in this morning's search. Oh well. Kou