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Sad translation

From:John Fisher <john@...>
Date:Monday, July 19, 1999, 13:12
I'm still working on my Teach Yourself Elet Anta course, and it's
actually surprisngly hard.  I can recommend doing this, it makes you go
over everything so minutely...  Anyhow, part of the difficulty of course
is that the supposed punters (if any) only gradually acquire vocabulary
and structure, so you have to write stuff for them to read and translate
which is strictly limited to what they know.

Just for fun here's an exercise from Unit 4 (I'm working on Unit 5 now).

Peter: The government is really bad; all the ministers are wicked.  All
the roads in the town are full, the buses are dirty and my car is
broken. My house out of the town is small and wet, and the furniture in
it is old and ugly.  I don't like my job in this nasty place, the
computers are old and slow, and I just sit there and am unhappy.
Everything is really expensive and the stupid salespeople in their dirty
shops don't help me.  It rains a lot here and my leg hurts, and the
doctors are useless.  The ground in the rain is wet, and animals eat my
plants.  Nobody loves me.
Paul: Dammit, you're such a bore.

Any offers (in any language)?


John Fisher
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