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a sketchy phonology of sabyukà

From:Julien Eychenne <je@...>
Date:Monday, July 28, 2003, 15:48

I came up with a revision of the phonology of my conlang, sabyukà (and
since phonology was almost the only thing I had, I can even say that I
came up with a revision of the whole conlang...). The main reason is
that I now manage to pronounce trilling r's (I had been trying for 7
years !!!). I still have problems with [pr] and [br] though :(. The
other reason is that I wanted to include a few post-velar sounds.

Moreover, my girlfriend designed an alphabet for the language. The font
still needs improvements,  but you can have an idea  of what it looks like.
The sketch (PDF document, 2 page long) can be read from :


"Well be a lot longer discovering the future if we dont recover the
past" John Anderson


Joe <joe@...>