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Re: advice re university

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Friday, September 8, 2000, 22:19
Doug Ball wrote:
> > > Roger wrote, among other things: > > Hope this helps. And I trust others who are little closer to modern times > > will comment-- the Matts Pearson & McLauchlin, Dirk, the man at Cornell* > > whose name I can't locate just now........ Keep the faith. Roger Mills > > > > *I think I meant Rochester-- Sally Caves' student. The "man" at Cornell is > > obviously Yoon Ha Lee. > > > > This person in Rochester would be me, although I'm not sure how helpful I > can be considering I'm only a sophomore. In truth, when I saw Robert's > message, I thought "Ooh, maybe I'll get some advice, too," since I, from > time to time, ponder the Future. >
You're farther ahead than I am, so you know more than I do, putting you in an advice giving situation.
> But, ironically I was talking with my undergraduate adviser yesterday about > grad school, careers, the like ("the Future"). I learned some interesting > tidbits--that he felt there was a weeding out process after graduate school, > i.e. that people go through grad school, get there Ph. Ds, then try to get > on at some (or various) universities, don't, and give up. Also according to > my adviser, linguistics really expanded in the 80s, and now there are fewer > jobs open, since there are a lot that are filled by people with tenure who > aren't going away anytime soon. >
That's important to know, but I don't give up none.
> But lest that be too discouraging, the advice that I got from my adviser > (and from other people here at the University of Rochester) is to find > something you really love and go with it. It will either lead you on your > chosen path or to a path that is equally as acceptable, and perhaps more > interesting. This bit of advice sometimes is a downer to me, since I start > questioning whether I really have found an area that I truly love, but then > I need to remember that all the various things that I discovered upon going > to college. One would be this list--I had no idea it existed until Sally > pointed me to it. College, thus far, certainly hasn't exactly been what I > expected it to be, but it has been a path that is "equally as acceptable" > and definitely "more interesting" that I figured it would be, and most of it > I found by just pursuing my interests. Life, of course, isn't quite as > simple as that sentence would have you believe, but it is a way of dealing > with the difficulties which lie ahead. >
Now that's what I call advice! Thanks. Y'see, you do have useful advice to give. -- Robert