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Re: Idiomatic Language

From:David Peterson <thatbluecat@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 2, 2004, 1:02
T wrote:

<<The culture could provide the context for knowing what these other things
are. E.g., the language of the "children of Tama" (StarTrek).>>

I think the point was that, logically, if you're language was composed
*entirely* of idioms and metphors, then there could be no words at all.   Say if
your word for "children" was "little ones", you'd have two words there (i.e.,
"little" and "one") which, if the *entire* language was supposed to be composed
of idioms and metaphors, should, by logic, be composed of metaphors themselves.
  Pretty soon you're left with nothing.

Now, I think what was intended, though, was that you have an original word
base which you then use to create metaphors and idioms.   Such a thing might be
possible with an idea that I had which I'm going to post to the list right
now, under the title: Kele: An Idea for Participatory Language Creation.   So, if
you want my idea, you're just going to have to read the post!   ;)
(Shameless plug, I know.)