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Re: Idiomatic Language

From:Aloyen Youngblood <aloyen@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 2, 2004, 0:58
The beginnings involve a naturally isolation-oriented peoples with a
relatively small number of common words taught when they are very young
along with basic survival before being set loose.  They then use those
words in idioms and metaphors to describe more complex concepts.
Possibly as a way to verbally transmit what would otherwise be obvious
from body posture.

One example might be:
I arrive throat uncovered in-hands sunward.

H. S. Teoh wrote:

>On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 05:07:01PM -0500, Douglas Koller, Latin & French wrote: > > >> I don't see how, as metaphors and idioms refer obliquely to other >> >>things, which means you have to know what the other things are. >> >> >The culture could provide the context for knowing what these other things >are. E.g., the language of the "children of Tama" (StarTrek). > >