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project: Hangkerim. Script based romanization

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Thursday, December 10, 1998, 17:04
Hangkerim has 12 basic consonantic symbols which standard pronunciation is
P /p/
D /d/
K /k/
V /v/
T /T/
C /C/ voiceless palatal fricative
H /?/
M /m/
N /n/
R /r/ voiced alveopalatal flap
L /l/
J /j/

four basic vowels
A /a/
E /e/
I /i/
U /u/

and two final nazals
M /m/
N /N/

I will use the capital letters to show the basic symbols and lowercase letters to
show a more phonetic translitaration:

The pronunciation of the simbols are:
P: [p] p, [b] b, [m_0] mh, [p_h] p'
D: [d] d, [t_h] t', [dZ] dj, [tS] ch
K: [k] k, [g] g, [x] x, [G] gh
V: [v] v, [f] f, [B] bh
T: [T] th, [D] dh, [s] s, [z] z
C: [C] c, [c] c', [tS] ch, [tC] tc
H: [?] ', [h] h, [] , [w] w
M: [m] m, mh (labiodental nasal), [B] bh
N: [n] n, [J] nj (palatal nasal)
R: [r] r, [@.j] yj, [@.w] yw, [R] rr (postalveolar trill)
L: [l] l, [lZ] lj
J: [?j] 'j, [j] j, [Z] zj, [S] sj
A: [a] a, [@] y, [O] o` (o grave), [u] u
E: [e] e, [E] e` (e grave), [@] y
I: [i] i, [I] i` (i grave), [e] e
U: [u] u, [o] o, [U] u` (u grave)
M: [m] m, [n] n
N: [N] ng, [n] n, ~ (nazalization of previous vowel)

This way Hangkerim would be HANKERIM in script but would be pronounced angkerim,
'a~ge`ri`n or hungge`yjim.

I'm not sure how rules of pronunciation applies, but after Hangkerimians seems to
have no problem in remembering.  I guess it has to be with the grammar.

I found out that problem with ancient scripts was that some eighty years ago, there
were a unified kingdom, and the King (or one of his ministers) wanted to unified the
script system inside a school system reform.  Before that time every author wrote as
he/she felt like.  The Republic of Daluram followed the reform.

Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzsn
  ITEC-Telecom, Colombia