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Subject: Re: My Conlanging History (was: Re: Tolkein?)

From:Caleb Hines <cph9fa@...>
Date:Saturday, December 20, 2003, 6:11
> > > > Any composing or playing ability? Or simply enjoy > > listening in? > > > > Quite a few of us conlangers are also musically > > inclined. > > > > I have never written anything more ambitious than > > a gig (except for a couple long weird pieces for > > some conculture); though am happily skilled > > enough to play for my own enjoyment. > > > > Padraic. > > Now that's truly odd. I have written three symphonies > and a couple fo piano concertos plus numerous chamber > works. I was going to point you to my site > but apparently they took down a few weeks ago. > Bummer. > > --gary
I play the Recorder, (and I don't mean "Mary had a Little Lamb"!). In fact, I play 3 sizes - Soprano, Alto, and Tenor - and I'm the Secretary of the "St. Louis Recorder Society." For those who don't know, the recorder sounds similar to a flute (but alot nicer IMNSHO!), but is held straight up and down, like an oboe or clarinet. It's often taught as a first instrument in Grade School, hence the "Little Lamb" reference. There's also sizes larger than my Tenor which I don't play (Bass, ContraBass, and GreatBass) which are shaped more like bassons. The last of these (Great Bass) are very rare. I know a man who built one, and its like 8 feet tall! I also took a few piano lessons, and can bang around on the piano a bit if I've practiced the piece ahead of time, but I can't really play it fluently because I find it difficult to think about reading more than one part at once. (It's like a wierd alien conlang where the aliens have more than one mouth, and can hold several conversations simultaneously! very mind-numbing) I definately do compose music (When I have time for it). In fact, I've been composing and arranging substantially longer than I've been conlanging. I usually go for an authentic Baroque style in my music, ocasionally straying into the Renaissance and "Classical" Eras. I have a directory on my computer full of little random pieces that I've worked on (in MIDI format), but there's not a lot of complete stuff in there. Unfortunately, I'm really bad about completing projects, and college sort of slowed my composing pace way down. But I have a few fugues, some allegros from various sonatas and concertos, part of a suite, and some other stuff like that. Thanks, ~Caleb


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