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Re: Voiced Velar Fricative

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 25, 2000, 17:30
daniel andreasson wrote:
>Another thing I thought about was that the IPA signs for >"unrounded o" and "voiced velar fricative" are very similar. >And the sounds are very similar too, although one is a >consonant and the other one a vowel. Coincidence?
Boreanesian has this "unrounded o" vowel. This vowel has affinities with what I have called a velar approximant. In very narrow transcription this vowel is a centralized and raised unrounded mid-high back vowel (i.e. <ram's horns with both a centralizing and raising diacritics>). The approximant is more narrowly a <retracted velar approximant>. Both have their narrowest constriction in the back velar area. Indeed, very similar sounds. In fact, the approximant could also be represented by the above described vowel with a <non-syllabic diacritic>, but that would mean three diacritics in all. Calling it a velar approximant is much much easier. Coincidence? I think not. -kristian- 8)