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Re: Voiced Velar Fricative

From:Mau Rauszer <maurauser@...>
Date:Thursday, December 19, 2002, 16:30
Zesefde Christopher Bates  <christopher.bates@...> ta 2002.12.19. her 15:20:01:

> Is gh (i don't know the ascii ways of representing IPA sounds, but I > mean a voiced velar fricative) common? I think english used to have the > sound, as did welsh (or at least g used to be mutated to gh a long time > ago) but for some reason it disappeared. I just wondered because I love > the sound for some reason but I don't want to add it if its extremely > uncommon in natural languages. Thanks in advance,
I don't think it is unnatural. I have read of a bunch of languages that have gh during my research of the Finno-Ugric languages. And some languages even have more odd sounds. For example, clicks are extremely rare (only some African languages have them). And just because the modern European languages don't have any gh, then why not use it? It is just a fricative, not very special. I use clicks because I like them and velar and dental fricatives -- why not? -- Mau Ábrahám Zsófia alias Mau Rauszer | | | "Yú lawe ta mau yibali taqe yamissi qi u neb dagu tawiy iq." -- Kipling