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Re: OT (?): Abbvs in txt msgs, & its poss f-ect on Nglish

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Friday, February 14, 2003, 16:47
From: "Peter Bleackley" <Peter.Bleackley@...>

| Staving Danny Wier:
| >My gf sent me this lnk:
| >
| >which m/b
| >a poss conlang ref, hope u like it ;)
| it ocrs 2 me tht txt msg lngo is a lngwij gm ov srts. Hwvr, wn I us txt, I
| alwys rit stndrd Nglish.

Thr wz sm gy on ths lst crca 97 wh pstd evrythng usng sm phntc scrp wth ! fr
/I/, = fr smthg; it wz rly punk.

Cld 1 clsfy Arbc & Hbrw as abrv wrtng snc only cnsnts & nt vls r wrtn, knda lk
I'm dng hre?

| Two language games I played at school - Mixed Languages, whereby one would
| repeatedly switch language in mid-sentence, using a mixture of English,
| French, Latin and German; and Chemical Insults, whereby one would inform a
| friend that he was a boron erbium potassium, or even a fluorine actinium
| iodine einsteinium nitrogen gold francium silver diiodide.

I used to make up nonsense chemical names: trantopotassium kenasofalate, erbium
metaklasmite, pretonium alternus cletus cletus jeckyll frodomasturbate....