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Cyrillic script for English (was: Re: Slavic Conlangs)

From:Y.Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 5, 2002, 9:56
Shalom, Ferko!
Jó napot kívánok!

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From: Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
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Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 6:41 PM
Subject: Re: Slavic Conlangs (was Re: Hello to you all!)

> As for Cyrillic, I love that script. I've designed Cyrillic scripts for > English and Hungarian, and was sad when I learned that Azeri and
> no longer use Cyrillic...
Amazing! When a schoolboy, I designed a Cyrillic script for English too. I think I can recollect what it looked like now. Can we somehow compare our systems?
> Cheers, Ferko
With friendly attitude, Yitzik ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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