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From:Y.Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 5, 2002, 6:16
(encoding - CyrWin)

Yitzik's "Caucasoid" Conlang Project (P-6 for short, meaning "Project No.
Extreeeemely Preliminar Sketch

Sounds: (in X-Sampa)

Vowels: /u/,  /I/ (phonetically oscillates from [I] to [i]),  /E/ (from [{]
to [e]),  /1/ (from [1] to [M]), /a/ (from [a] to [A], in unstressed with
tendancy to [@])


Stops: occur in trios: voiceless aspirated - voiceless ejective
("abruptive", according to the Russian ling. tradition) - voiced
Bilabials: /p_h/ -  /p_>/ - /b/
Dentals: /t_d_h/ - /t_d_>/ - /d_d/
Alveolars: /t_h/ -  /t_>/ - /d/
Velars: /k_h/ - /k_>/ - /g/
Uvulars: /q_h/ - /q_>/ - /G\/

Fricatives: their trios: voiceless - voiceless combined with glottal stop
("abruptive") - voiced
Bilabials: /f/ - /f?/ - /v/
Dentals: /s_d/ - /s_d?/ - /z_d/
Alveolars: /s/ - /s?/ - /z/
Postalveolars: /S/ - /S?/ - /Z/
Velarized Postalveolars: /S_e/ - /S_e?/ - /Z_e/
Velars: /x/ - /x?/ - /G/
Uvulars: /X/ - /X?/ - /R/

Affricates: the same patterns:
Dentals: /ts_d/ - /ts_d?/ - /dz_d/
Alveolars: /ts/ - /ts?/ - /dz/
Postalveolars: /tS/ - /tS?/ - /dZ/
Velarized Postalveolars: /tS_e/ - /tS_e?/ - /dZ_e/

Lateral fricatives: voiceless /K/ and voiced /K\/

Sonorants: /j/,  /w/,  /l_d/,  /4/,  /r_0/,  /h/

Nasals: /m/,  /n/,  /N/

The syllable patterns:
(C)(C)V(C). Final syllables are only open.
Hiatus inside a word is a taboo :-)
Not all the types of consonantal clusters are legal.

The stress is on the penultimate syllable unless marked.

I have had no time to modify spelling yet. So it's given in its original
form, written in Cyrillics. If your mailer supports Cyrillics, you are
welcome. For your benefit I send the message twice: once in CyrWin
encoding, once in KOI-8. If you still cannot read it, just ignore it and
wait till I have a transliteration scheme, or my putting the material onto
Web site. The spelling is close to phonetic. Each letter or a combination
of letters correspond to one sound.

This is a correlation chart:

/a/, /I/, /u/, /E/, /1/ :: а, и, у, э, ы

/p_h/ -  /p_>/ - /b/ :: п -  п' - б
/t_d_h/ - /t_d_>/ - /d_d/ ::  т - т' - д
/t_h/ -  /t_>/ - /d/ :: тъ -  тъ' - дъ
/k_h/ - /k_>/ - /g/ :: к - к' - г
/q_h/ - /q_>/ - /G\/ :: къ - къ' - гъ
/f/ - /f?/ - /v/ :: ф - ф' - в
/s_d/ - /s_d?/ - /z_d/ :: с - с' - з
/s/ - /s?/ - /z/ :: съ - съ' - зъ
/S/ - /S?/ - /Z/ :: ш - ш' - ж
/S_e/ - /S_e?/ - /Z_e/ :: шъ - шъ' - жъ
/x/ - /x?/ - /G/ :: х - х' - ѓ
/X/ - /X?/ - /R/ :: хъ - хъ' - ѓъ
/ts_d/ - /ts_d?/ - /dz_d/ :: ц - ц' - s
/ts/ - /ts?/ - /dz/ :: цъ - цъ' - sъ
/tS/ - /tS?/ - /dZ/ :: ч - ч' - ј
/tS_e/ - /tS_e?/ - /dZ_e/ :: чъ - чъ' - јъ
/j/,  /w/,  /l_d/,  /4/,  /r_0/,  /h/ :: й, ў, л, р, р', h
/m/,  /n/,  /N/ :: м, н, нъ
/K/, /K\/ :: лъ, лъ'

Samples of phrases:

К'ыўэхъа т'а ндэ. This is a land.
Съыўэхъа ц'ўа ндэ. That is water.
Эўэхъа пэ ндэ. That (over there) is the sky.
К'ыўэхъа та ндэ бэ? Is it bread?
Эйа, к'ыўэхъа та ндэ. Yes, it is bread.
Га, к'ыўэхъа та га нды, лъэ ндэ.  No, it is not bread, (but it's) milk.
Съыўэхъа на ндэ бэ? What is that?
Съыўэхъа йалы ндэ. Those are grapes (sn).
К'ыдэхъа мырты ндэ. This is a man (a human being).
Съыдэхъа лъаки мырты ндэ.  That is a good man.
Эдэхъа чакъўэ фыжэ ндэ. That (over there) is a beautiful woman.
К'ымэ фыжэхъа чакъўэ ндэ. This woman is beutiful.
Съымэ лыбэхъа sўэѓъэ ндэ. That child is bad (naughty).
Эмэ ц'ўахъа сийа ндэ бэ? Is that water (over there) pure?
Эйа, эмэ ц'ўахъа скэ сийа ндэ.  Yes, that water (over there) is very pure.
К'ымэ къухъа ѓъэфэ ндэ бэ? Is this dog fierce?
Га, к'ымэ къухъа ѓъэфэ га ндэ.  No, this dog is not fierce.
Эдэхъа нэ ндэ бэ?  Who is that?
Эдэхъа сагба ндэ.  That is an elder.
Эмэ сагбахъа кэнэ ндэ бэ? What kind of elder is he?
Эмэ сагбахъа шъанэ ндэ. That elder is wise.
Съымэ јъўанэхъа п'уда ндэ. That shirt is dirty.
Чакъўэ фыжэхъа sъага. A/the beautiful woman is standing.
Тыги лыбэхъа хъусу. A/the little child is asleep.
Йатыхъа хъусу бэ? Is the father asleep?
К'ымэ мжила шурэхъа га хъусу.  This merry girl is not asleep.
Йумэхъа фатъы. The mother is washing clothes / making laundry.
Йумэхъа намы фатъы бэ? What is the mother washing?
Йумэхъа јъўанэмы фатъы. The mother is washing a/the shirt.
Суныхъа мўади. A/the brother is coming.
Сунэхъа зъэди. A/the sister is going (away).
Сэхъа к'ыла мўади. I am coming here.
Ўэхъа эла sъага. You are standing over there.
Тэхъа т'азэ хъусу. He is sleeping on the earth.
К'ыўэхъа суныкўэ јъўанэ ндэ. This is a/the brother's shirt.
Лэхъа суныкўэ јъўанэмы га фатъы. She is not washing a/the/her brother's
Тыхъа къумы кўэла бэ? Have you got a dog?
Эйа, ныхъа тўа къумы кўэла. Yes, we've got two dogs.
Бахъа ч'ўэ ц'энэмы къ'ара. They (people) are reading a book now.
Сэхъа к'ымэ шурымы маѓъи ндэ. I love this young man.

The most amazing thing with all this was that I found myself able to
pronounce it...

With friendly cheers,