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THEORY: Sandhi / Mandarin

From:Johnson, Anna <ajohnson@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 4, 2001, 14:41
Dan asked, "Eh? Ease-of-learning appeared how? FWIW, I suppose liason,
celtic-style mutations, elesions etc. could be considered forms of sandhi-
it's just that sandhi seems to be confined to used in Sanskrit AFAIK. Apart
form the one mentioned, are there any other languages which explicitly use
the term "sandhi" to describe phonetic changes?"

That's how it was introduced to me in my first-year Mandarin and my
first-year Korean class; Sandhi occurs in both languages. Yes, in Mandarin,
there is Sandhi, although it is known as "tone Sandhi" (and spelled by
Froshers erh freshman as 'tone-sandy') because it only appears in that form.

Anna J. Johnson
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