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colours, esperanto

From:Matt M. <matt_mcl@...>
Date:Monday, January 21, 2002, 14:35
> a) > > The pages yellowed. > > I think `yellowed' is a valid word, but not the past tense of a verb. That > sentence sounds wrong, but `the pages were/had yellowed' is fine, at least > to me.
But I've heard of old newspapers yellowing away in a corner.
> d) > > I'll black the answers out. Then you can look. > > The verb in that sentence is `to black out', not `to black'.
But I've heard of "Dickens' actor who blacked himself all over to play Othello" - D. Parker.
> Why? Navajo and Apache speakers have been writing in their tongue for a > century, the same length of time as Esperanto speakers. The literature > of over a million people, self-selected for their interest in language, > can surely be compared to that a quarter million (50 thousand for the > Apache) people.
Got to agree with this. Matt


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