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Re: Ba'l-a-i-bal-an

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Sunday, May 21, 2006, 11:23
>* worlang /w@`leIN/ [ < "wor(ship) lang(uage)"]
OK, I'll bite. Why the /eI/? ...And a random sidenote to the general thread: I've considered an idea where a conlang could be contructed by taking a chant/prayer/pledge/proverb/saying/catchphrase etc. as a base and expressing various meanings by mutation of this one phrase. For an example, I pulled this at random from Wikiquote: "The advent of liberty is incompatible with the existence of States." To start coding extra information here, we might start with using the first "the" as the person marker: [D@] = 1sg, [DI] = 2sg, [DV] = 3sg [d_d@] = 1pl, [d_dI] = 2pl, [d_dV] = 3pl The next word allows for quite a bit more possibilities. All sorts of extra phonological features could be used ... tone, phonation, glottalization, phonemical lenght, aspiration, etc. For the example's sake, say that this word codes the verb - perhaps "bring news" would be [Ad_<B&~nt_h], and "need to meet" [a_Hd:_hveIn]. Conculturally, this would seem to be the most plausible if the carrier language had a reasonably simple phonology, and the speakers of this "code" would know another, more complex language. The carrier phrase(s) would also have to be VERY common, almost ritual-like; religious phrases appear to me as being the most suitable, in that they can be repeated in quite a variety of social situation, and usually do not vary much. John Vertical