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From:list James E. Hopkins <espero9@...>
Date:Saturday, October 3, 1998, 13:00
My Conlang (Zhoyit sitivit shol),

I presently have two conlangs both of them spoken on the planet Drun (The
venue of several stories I have written in a genre I call sci-fan [science-
fantasy]): Druni (ta Drunit shol) and Djanari (Janarissa Ruva).

Both are still under construction, Druni being the most developed with a very
well developed grammar, a vocabulary of 6,000 words and a growing literature,
and four separate dialects. Djanari at present, has a bare bones grammar and a
vocab of about 200 words.

Unique features:

I'm afraid none! I am not a linguist by training, rather a person that just
loves languages. After learning Esperanto and reading JR Tolkien I always
wanted to "create" my own Conlang and finally did it, being inspired by
Zamenhof and Tolkien but pushed over the edge by Tony Harris' "Aluric". Druni
is intentionally "Terraform" in that I wanted a vaguely Terran feel for this
alien tongue. Some few words were imported from Earth languages either
intentionally or by accidental coincidence. For the grammar I used all the
features I especially loved from languges I knew and studied, very heavily
influenced by Latin, Ancient Greek, Esperanto, French, Italian, Russian. The
sound of the language was very heavily influenced by the Albanian language. I
do not speak Albanian but it is in my opinion the most beautiful language I
have ever heard spoken (completely subjective of course).
Nine noun cases in one declension, nouns manipulated by prefixation,
suffixation, compounding, one verb conjugation containing first person
singular and plural, second person Deific, second person singular and plural,
third person masculine, third person feminine, third person indeterminate (all
singular) and a third person plural encompassing all genders. Invariable
adjectives placed before the noun, invariable adverbs derived from adjectives
or freestanding placed either before or after verbs they modify depending on
context and sound, basically SOV but flexible. Thoroughly native script for
which I had a font created.

Website: being worked on

Although I have been copyrighting the initial Druni materials I am undecided
as to how I will proceed in the future. Egotistically, I want credit for
creating the Druni language and culture, but I have, in principle, no
objections to others generating their own materials from what I have created
if they attribute to me the original work done.

Sabutiun Drunay
(Greetings from Drune)

Jim H (known on Drun as Tsiasuk-Pron)