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Lunatic Survey (also some of my conlangs!)

From:Laurie Gerholz <milo@...>
Date:Sunday, September 27, 1998, 16:55
Nik Taylor wrote:
> > Laurie Gerholz wrote: > > It > > usually comes up right after mentioning that I'm studying a foreign > > language (Japanese, currently) just because I want to > > Cool! You're taking Japanese too? I've just started. How is your name > rendered in katakana? Is it Roori Geroruzu?
Close. My first name comes out to "Roorii". For some goofy reason that I don't understand, I was addressed by my given name in class, and everyone else by their family names. So I've been "roorii-san". Maybe my family name just confounded our teacher too much? We just started the new class year, and three more students joined us. I will have to attend to how they are addressed. How about your name? I'd guess "Niku Teiro".
> > > Also martial arts (for some reason I *never* hear condescension after > > that one). > > I suppose it's because that's seen as "practical", you can defend > yourself from attack with martial arts.
No, I meant that people don't make condescending remarks about *any* of my hobbies after they hear that I practice martial arts.
> > > Since Lizard Speech > > was spoken by sentient bipedal lizards, I have taken a few stabs at > > adjusting the phonology to what speech sounds a lizard might be able to > > produce. > > Tell us more about it!
The primary phonological elements which I've been examining is the matter that lizards don't have flexible lips (at least I don't think they do). So most of our labials are eliminated. I've also introduced a fricative (?) which is halfway between "s" (as in "sew") and "sh" (as in "sheet"). I've been checking that *I* can both produce and reliably distinguish this sound, and I think I've got it down sufficiently to include it. The sentient lizards who spoke this tongue existed on the same world as the humans who speak my Old Southern and Desert Tongue. But the lizards were an ancient race, and are assumed to be long vanished by the "current" time of that world. When I was running the campaign which generated all of this, one of the later adventures I constructed was set in an isolated structure originally constructed by the lizard folk. I had reason then to begin creating some of the language which was heard (due to residual magical effects) by the characters. I had to be able to pronounce it well and easily, having to deliver a speech in open game session! Around the time that I began pondering this language I also had heard a bit about Laadan. So I borrowed the idea of morphemes which inform how the speaker knows what they are speaking of. This includes ideas like "know from personal experience", "know from a trusted source", "know from a dream", "know from logical deduction", "heard from rumor, so it is suspect", etc. etc. It will probably be a good while before the Lizard Tongue makes it to my web page. I need to generate the material before I can put it into HTML.
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Just FYI, I saw something about this quote on another email list I'm on. Someone else was using it, and attributing it specifically to a supposed interview between Barbara Walker (like for "60 Minutes") and Ken Starr. Someone else indicated that "60 Minutes" has publically quashed this by saying that Starr has never been interviewed on their show. So as much as I *love* the irony in the quote, I'd also like to find an um, ... unimpeachable ... source for the quotation. Laurie --- Laurie Gerholz