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Conlanging skills? (was Re: Myers-Briggs Types and stuff.)

From:Laurie Gerholz <milo@...>
Date:Sunday, September 27, 1998, 15:59
Sylvia Sotomayor wrote:
> > I suspect that one difference in conlanging which could correlate with > personality type is whether one is better at the vocabulary or at the > syntax. Me, I'm lousy at vocabulary. It's my biggest obstacle at learning a > natlang. But, give me some obscure grammatical construction and explain to > me how it works, and I'll remember it forever. [Well, that's a slight > exaggeration, but...]
I'm similar, in that it takes more work for me to recall vocabulary than syntax. But I think the variants in skills are more than just vocabulary/syntax. I've said in other posts that phonology is hard for me. I have great difficulty in both hearing foreign sound distinctions, and in producing them. Yes, I know this is said to be true of most adult language learners. But in comparison say, to other linguistics students, I still fall behind. Yet to me, it is the phonology (the sound inventory, as well as the patterns of sounds) which really characterize a language at an elementary level. Can't most people, even those who are not tutored in languages or linguistics, get a feel that they are listening to two different foreign languages rather than one, even if they have no knowledge of either? Sylvia, maybe that's what was happening when you had trouble explaining Kelenj to your fellow student? So back to the topic, I'd say that generating good phonology is more difficult for me in a conlang, than either generating the vocabulary or the syntax. For the rest of you, which parts of conlanging are easy and which are difficult? How does that influence the conlangs you create, or how you document them? Laurie --- Laurie Gerholz