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What script is this written in?/YUM/Ayeri

From:Carsten Becker <post@...>
Date:Sunday, February 29, 2004, 11:19

Today, a man in our congregation gave my mother a letter from his godchild
in India so that she can translate it into German. The letter itself was in
English, but the untranslated original version in an Indian script, which
was added. So regardless of the contents of that letter, I hope someone of
you can tell me what *script* it is. It's just because of my interest in
other writing systems. I already had a look at my Omniglot print-outs, but I
did not find that script. Because my scanner is broken, I simply made a
photo of a part of that page:

Some days ago, I made a photo of myself, actually for the ZBB members photo
page, and after all this "Conlang census" stuff, I wanted to add my profile
to Yer-Ugly-Mug. Now I also have an acceptable photo.

And as for Ayeri (I asked some weeks ago about "Too long words"), I think I
_do_ do it my way - your suggestions were helpful though. I won't change the
long verbs until I worked a bit on (di-)transitives, because I still must
try out if it works with (di)transitives as I want it as well. Perphaps I
use some of the suggestions for adjectives...

-- Carsten


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