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Re: CHAT: idiot poets (wasRe: CHAT:"the future," sci-fi, Quecha (Le Guin)

From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 3, 2002, 21:35
Hanuman Zhang sekalge:
>Which idiot poets, Christopher?
Ach. A vocative role of my name is odd to me. Anyway, I was just ranting. I heard somewhere that time could be compared to an arrow, and that would be a metaphor (or simile), which is an example of poetic use of language, which would be used most often by a poet.... Well, time wouldn't be comparable to an arrow. It would be the scenery, and people would be looking from the tip. Of course, the people would be very nearsighted, and there would be hundreds of arrows in a very small area.
>_Verse & Universe: Poems About Science and Mathematics_
Ooh! Color rhymes and limericks about centripetal force! "There once was a man named Joel. Time travel, a goal daring and bold. He left this past May And hasn't come back today. Maybe electromagnetic vacuum flux took this poor soul." Laimes, Wright.