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Re: your opinion

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 1, 2008, 4:03

Reilly Schlaier writes:
> how many vowels is too many? > i just realized that Vityng distinguishes 20 vowels >
Interesting work. With a reasonable explanation, I see no problem with the vowels. It seems ok to not collapse the umlauted vowels into original vowels but keep them separate. But I do have some questions about the construction of this language. Where does the _a_ in _skagg_- forms come from? What led to _o_ being short in _skogg_? What led to _e_ being short in _hest_? (I know it is short in Icelandic, but I never understood why. This is one point where my GMP for Þrjótrunn does not predict the Icelandic form correctly.) How do you let the suffixed article trigger umlaut in, say, 'hest' (I suppose 'y' in 'hyst-' is from some i-umlaut)? I would think that the suffixing process was quite late. Do you have another umlaut period? Another thing: I take it 'til' is a preposition? Why does it take dative case? It takes genitive in Icelandic. (Dunno about Faroese, though.) Again, I think it's interesting work, please show us more of your construction. I'd love to read more! :-) **Henrik