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Re: your opinion

From:Reilly Schlaier <schlaier@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 1, 2008, 1:50
>Which is fine by itself, but if you have for /I/ before a retroflex: [I] > >[I\] > [M_x] > [U] (no distinction between /I Y U/ in that position, right?) >the epenthetic [I\] should probably get dragged along too. Probably only the >first step of that was conditioned; I can recall reading of a parallel of >sorts from Norwegian, where [E] > [&] generally before retroflexes, but >after [l:] >> [r`] and [s\] >> [s`], these new retroflexes do not cause the >same change anymore. So it seems it was the [r] in the former clusters such >as [rt rn] that originally triggered [E] > [&], not the retroflex [t` n`] >etc. that they became.
im not sure why that would drag [i\] along if it never occurs before a retroflex right? now im not sure confuzzled