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ConLang/NatLang aesthetics (was Re: basic vocab)

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Friday, September 15, 2000, 23:41
In a message dated 2000:09:15 3:38:31 PM,:
>Yoon Ha Lee wrote: >> [snip] >> > Amen. I have definite phonetic aesthetic prejudices. Very bad. >> >> Hmm. I think I have phonetic aesthetic prejudices too, but IMHO, that's >a >> *good* thing, 'cos it gives your conlang a distinctive flavor. Well, >that >> is, if you adjust your prejudices appropriately for your conlang, else >> it'd sound like your native language :-)
Yep, I agree. For some odd reason though I like Italian and Malay/Bahasa Indonesia a whole lot, I miss the 'x' in the orthography and phonology... I love the insect-like sounds of "z" and "x" sounds in all sorts of languages - Mandarin has some charming ones (especially - in PinYin trans-litter-ation- _ts_ , _xi_ and _zh_ sounds) o_0? I am momentarily forgetting the IPA... lack of sleep and misplaced my lil IPA "cheat-sheet" ;P~ I guess cuz I like insect sound recordings and onomatopoeia inordinately, this influences my conlang Vivo to a large degree. czHANg