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Re: SV: Re: Tempus

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 21:41

Mefistofeles <mefistofeles@...> writes:
> >I'm also currently working at a language that is supposed to be > >simple, but it won't be easy, because I think it can't be for > >everyone. The structure was indeed inspired by Mandarin, but actually > >now it turned out to be totally different. :-) > > > > How come?
I started to think that when using some principles of Mandarin grammar, a very nice and simple structure could be constructed if the principles were used consistently without exception. But when starting with these idealised principles, not with Mandarin grammar, this led to a structure quite different from Mandarin, although the principles were inspired by (but not totally taken over from) Mandarin. The following example shows that the structure is quite different: English: You life, as it has been, is over. Tyl-Seok: kek ly nil xyt nein ti xou ?eo. PERF DET manner birth please you last-until I Structure: [[PERF DET manner].V [birth.AGT please.V you.PAT].PAT ].AGT last-until.V I.PAT (AGT=agent/controller, V=verb, PAT=patient, [...]=phrase structure) Literally: The (now over) manner that your birth has used to please you existed until now. Yes, this is a citation from Startrek. :-) **Henrik