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FINAL QUESTION: your natlangs. Sorry this is the last of thesurvey...

From:Robert J. Petry <ambassador@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 6, 1998, 0:02
Hawksinger wrote:

> [kut] > > The last 7 years of relative linguistic inactivity have seen the loss > of much of my ability with other languages. I still read Spanish fairly > well, am regaining my Latin, Classical Nahuatl and Hopi and hope to > start working on Cahuilla soon. On the other hand, French, Russian, > German, Portuguese, and Classical Yucatec Maya are gone, all except the > first probably for good. > --
Brad, Nu' Hopilavayit tutuqayi. Taaqa samit tuumoyta. Taaqa paasat ep samit tuumoyta. Pam paasat ep samit aniwna. Taaqa paasat ep a'ni (hin'ur) tumata'yta. Pam ep paslawu. Taaqa samit wu`utit maqa. "Askwali', ya um it haqam?" wu`uti kita. "Nu' put paasat ep aniwna," taaqa kita. Taaqa wu`utit aw pa`ngqawu, "Ya um put kwangwa'yta?" Pu' wu`uti pa`ngqawu, "Owl, nu' put kwangwa'yta. Is ali!" Pu' wu`uti kiihut ep samit tuumoyta. taaqa = man wu`uti = woman it = this, obj. nu' = I pam = he/she/it/that put = him/her/it um = you(subj.) SOV & al l sue, Bob, x+ ---------------------------------------- Occidental es li max facil e simplic forme de Lingue International. It es inmediatmen comprensibil a omni hom occidental pro to usabil por omni relationes anc sin studie anterior.