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Re: planets

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Monday, December 27, 1999, 22:40
Nik Taylor wrote:

> There's no form of memory in muscles. Near the base of our spine there > is, I believe, a sort of "pseudo-brain" that co-ordinates various > instinctive reactions (like the knee-jerk reaction). But that's a > matter of distance, it's too far for the signal to travel to the brain, > register, send a command back, and carry it out.
Actually, Nik, processing of signals -- and therefore, interpretation of reality -- begins at the nerve ends and happens all the way up into the brain. And information is passed *in equal amounts in both directions* all the way to the nerve ends -- your nerves are telling your fingertips what to feel for and your eye what to look for based on what you expect, just as much as they are telling your brain what was actually felt and seen. I don't know if on that basis you could say that "muscles have memory," but memory is (at least physically) changes in synapse connection strength, and those changes happen all the way down the nerve. There's *definitely* more going on than just reflex loops in our nervous systems outside the brain. Indeed, it would be more accurate to look at our nervous systems as a whole as the physical seat of our minds, rather than thinking of our minds as situated in our brains and communicating with the rest of the body by means of the nerves. Source: _Wet Mind_ by Kosslyn and Koenig and various works by Robert Ornstein. --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------