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"Little Ditty" (fwd)

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Friday, June 1, 2001, 19:32
----- Forwarded message from Ivan A Derzhanski -----

(Forward as appropriate.  What's the `little ditty' they're talking of?)

John Cowan wrote:
> It has been said that Ivan Derzhanski learned Klingon > from the "Hamlet" translation alone.
Not from _Hamlet_ but from _Much Ado about Nothing_ (_Hamlet_ wasn't out yet at that time), and I didn't exactly learn Klingon from that, though that was where I got my first Klingon words and my first idea of Klingon grammar from. Nick {nIchyon} Nicholas has been urging me to describe and publish that experience, but I haven't got around to doing that yet. Btw, this looks like an opportunity for promoting my page of Klingon translations of poetry: <>. -- <fa-al-_haylu wa-al-laylu wa-al-baydA'u ta`rifunI wa-as-sayfu wa-al-qir.tAsu wa-al-qalamu> (Abu t-Tayyib Ahmad Ibn Hussayn al-Mutanabbi) Ivan A Derzhanski <> H: cplx Iztok bl 91, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria <iad@...> W: Dept for Math Lx, Inst for Maths & CompSci, Bulg Acad of Sciences