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R: Re: Chinese (?) translation

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Saturday, July 22, 2000, 14:52
>> My sister has a Japanese rosary, probably a buddhist one (we'd talked
about rosaries last month, but I don't remember very well the description BP Jonsson did about buddhist rosasies). The problem is: there are 3 ideograms on each bead
> My guess would be that you're looking at the three ingredients of a happy
life: happiness (fu2), prosperity (lu4), and longevity (shou4). Shou4 is a bear of a character to remember how to write even though it has only fourteen strokes -- probably because of all the horizontal lines. If you can't find "shou4" phonetically in whatever resource you're using, try looking under the three-stroke "scholar" radical and then eleven additional strokes. Together, these three are personified as deities, "The Three Stars". "Longevity" is an old bald guy holding a staff and a peach (another longevity symbol). I think these are Taoist deities rather than Buddhist, but there's a lot of mixing and matching. Anyway, if that ain't it, let me know. Kou> Thank you for the explanation! Yes, the third ideogram is 14 strokes long, so I guess your translation is right : ) Now I only have to learn how to sing them... sigh! Luca