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Weekly Vocab 12 (Wenedyk)

From:Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 18, 2003, 18:02
 --- Christopher Wright skrzypszy:

> 16 June: > > 1. to record > The priests record a separate history.
Przestrzy ducza~ szeparata~ historia~.
> 2. archive > Their temples are vast archives.
L\o'r cie~pl\a sa~ gra~dzie archiwa.
> 3. scribe > They employ many scribes.
Li je~pleca~ mo'l\t skrzyptorzu.
> 4. ink > The ink has lead in it.
Je~ il\u atramentu jest pl\a~b.
> 5. insane > The scribes tend to go insane after a few years.
Skrzyptorzy klina~ siej dziemie~cier po sie~gl\e any.
> 6. to replace > The priests manage to replace the crazy scribes.
Przestrzywy rzusa sus'ciewier il\e rotate skrzyptorzy.
> 7. to pay > They must pay them a lot of money.
Li dziewia~ pl\acier lwy mo'l\t pienie~dzu.
> 8. rich > The church is quite rich.
Jes'klezia nie jest puwra.
> 9. to write > I write neatly.
Skrzybu niecie.
> 10. job > Perhaps I could get a job as a scribe.
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