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Re: Additonal features for CALS

Date:Thursday, June 12, 2008, 1:28
> [] On Behalf Of Arnt Richard
> > - A priori / a posteriori? > > I agree. This is *the* most important distinction in conlangs > that does not apply to natlangs. But I do think we need to > come up with a proper definition, lest it come down to each > language author's gut feeling. > > It seems to me that the a priori/a posteriori is most > well-defined when it comes to vocabulary, because the set of > all possible grammatical features is much smaller, so it is > more difficult to show that a conlang grammar does NOT have > any real-world inspiration. > > On the other hand, Alan Libert's book _A Priori Artificial > Languages_ includes Lojban, which is unusual in that, while > it has a (supposedly) a priori grammar, a large part of the > core vocabulary is algorithmically derived from the > vocabulary of six different natural languages, although these > words are for the most case not recognisable as such.
I've been too busy with other things lately so I've only been glancing at this thread but I did check out the site and added a couple of my creations. I like the site but I too could see a few little things like the posteriori/priori distinction. I think it would be kind of a good idea to maybe set the site up as a possible alternative to Langmaker since it hasn't been updated in a long time.