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From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Monday, March 10, 2003, 17:42
This message is brought to you by the let's-get-back-on-conlang-topics
department, Ebisedian branch. ;-)

Recently, I've been starting to work on Ebisedian again after a shamefully
long gap, and I've introduced comparatives and superlatives. Comparatives
and superlatives in Ebisedian are marked by prepositions. But that topic
is for another post... While dabbling with comparatives, I came up with
the idea of an "equative" -- a preposition for indicating equality or
"just the right amount of", _osa'o_ [?o"sa?o].

When used in a comparative context, it means "the same amount of":

3mir33'n3     osa'o 3bis33'd3.
children(cvy) -     people(cvy)
"There are as many children as there are adults."

But when used in isolation, it means "just the right amount of":

osa'o 3cwgr33'  3fineu'.
-     food(cvy) students(rcp)
"There is just the right amount of food for the students."

Anybody else's conlang has this neat feature? :-)


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