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happy new years

From:Patrick Dunn <tb0pwd1@...>
Date:Saturday, January 1, 2000, 6:56
Here's a new wor dto dscribe the new century (It is a new cntury, despite,
the lack of a year zero).  A word to dscribe the oughts:


I am intoxicated.

tadada can also mean "to be silly, to be drunk, to be foolish, to stumble,
to slur"  When used transitively, (with "stumble, slur") the preposition
is "si" , meaning "to."

otasada si tala'a
I stumble toward my island

otasada si hatasoe.
I slur my Hatasoe.

I'm drunk.

Another word, befitting new years:

kala = to pretend (with the connotation of being polite) )(tran)

olokala nehase
I feign happiness.

selotoa kala mesha si ea
He has pretnded to love me.

Or, in the emphatic: "ekalea" to lie.

seekalea = he lied.