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Heb. Fonts and Lions Tails Re: Serif vs. sans serif

From:Jay Bowks <jjbowks@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 26, 1999, 22:43
Daniel A. Wier <dawier@...>
>The design, I've >heard, is intended to represent little flames, referring to the 'fire' of >the Holy Spirit, Who inspired the recording of Scripture. But that claim >came from a certain Christian (and very Gentile) pastor. > >Come to think of it, you do have in traditional Jewish square script, those >little 'serifs' that turn up in the upper left corner of the symbol. What >are they called in Hebrew anyways? >
I've heard them referred to as "horns"... But just this week one of the middle schoolers called the "flame" on the "lamed" a "lions tail" I thought this was the cutest name I've ever heard it called and I asked where she got this from... she said her Sabbath school teacher calls them that... and when made with a brush, or a flat pen they do look like a little "lion's tail". This swash script is very brush oriented... when I print the characters I omit these "horns"... sort of like Arial/Helvitic Hebrew :-))) Cursive hebrew of course doesn't have them. Since, Jay B.