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Re: Mediopassive/labile verbs; was: very confused - syntax question

From:Charles <catty@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 6, 1999, 17:52
Sally Caves wrote:

> > >> So how about a little us conlangers coming up with better ideas? > > > > > >See Charles' post a few hours back. LOL > > > > Which one? And my suggestion wasn't meant to be a dead, serious > > proposition: just a little half-fun, half-serious idea. > > Neither was Charles's!
Neither *is* Charles! This text medium carries virtually no intonation information. Since Kibo hath given us smileys, which I despise, but what else is there? I think we should use them liberally. Yuck. A catalog of voices as found in natlangs might be very useful. Anybody got a URL?