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Re: OT: sublamino-velar trill (was: OT: Help reading Indic transliteration?)

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 20, 2004, 16:23
Quoting Peter Bleackley <Peter.Bleackley@...>:

> Staving Andreas Johansson: > >Quoting Peter Bleackley <Peter.Bleackley@...>: > > > > > Well, Magzhelyagon is intended as a freaklang. > > > >Then I hope you're finding a place for the sublamino-velars too! > > Given that Magzhelyagon is a fusional polysynthetic language, with many of > its more unusual phonemes gramaticalised into particular meanings, I think > that a sublamino-velar trill would mean "Help! I'm choking to death on my > own tongue!"
I thought that was the apico-pharyngeal one! (And no, I can't do one!) Andreas