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From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Monday, February 25, 2002, 6:39
Wow! So many people gave me so much good advice that I felt downright encouraged.
So, until this summer when Sylvia (YAY SYLVIA! ~:D) has promised to help design
me up a proper webpage, I decided to follow the text suggestion, and just
posted everything I've got on my latest language, Kamakawi. For those who've
asked what format to store a language in, this is how I do all of mine, and I
rather like it (only on my computer it looks fancier with the entries in bold
and italicized and underlines everywhere and all that nice stuff). This
language is only about two weeks old, so comments are welcome (three weeks,
though, and no comments from anyone! ;). A few things to note: I spent HOURS
yesterday working on what I thought was a new and interesting way to handle
relative clause. Then, however, I discovered that the second method I devised
applied to all methods, and so the section marked "Non-Traditional Relative
Clauses" is pretty much the relative clause form, but since!
 I spent so much time on the other two, I decided to keep them. Also, yesterday
I made like 40 words from the root /mi/, "buttefly", using only derivational
morphology and making words like "to win the lottery", "to commit suicide", "to
take off (as with an airplane)", "to constantly fall asleep in class",
"insanity", and "the wild, rampant giving of charity by an incredibly wealthy
person to good causes when said person realizes that s/he is about to die and
that his/her life has been filled with nothing but selfishness and greed". So
if you want to look for some fun, look up the word "mi", and then see where it
takes you. :) Here it is:

Remember, it's just text, so expect anything so extravagant as, well, color, or anything
like that. Enjoy!