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German O.D. (or poetically-endowed German-fluent peep(s) needed)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 25, 2004, 20:12
    I am bein' deluged (happily, not complaining) by a German from another
list whose poetic-_schwer_ language - even in translation to English - is denser
than _dick_ Weber & Schoenberg all rolled into Brecht and Beckett.
    And I have read Weber' sociology texts in English translations, but this
takes the cake in terms utter "linguistic overload" (or O.D. - overdose).
    I think it might be bit easier to get the original German from him and
have one of you more capable German-fluents ::mutters "masochist-types" under
breath:: deal with him... eh?

    Geschmack und Prüfung der Enigma:

>I still feel I am rushing over your lines. I am not sure if you are aware
>of the compensation mechanisms within my glory of languaged heaps of
>inspiration. But that is subjective. I might be insighted with what you are
>brillianced in when I study the next muse-letter (there is no way for me in
>interlocking answers to questions without the moment of true grasp). To >end
our lovely conversation I may close with what lead Lucifer to fall in >love with his self-awareness when he became a rebel to the Father: he >could through the brilliance in that he appeared convince almost all >planetary princes to follow his fallen leadership in the name of a "freedom >of mind and choice" in invisible counterwork towards the ascension of the
>spiritually educated being itself. I was lucky to receive your light but I
>must leave you with that I do not recognize the stability of eternity within
>a longing to inspire our fellows with too much pressure, as I knew myself >to do. This would have enabled us to study, as a loving services science, >the
true (cosmic) background (pervading meaning-bestowing of >attributing philosophy concepts) for what made it necessary to be more >opened up than technologies of mere minded circles, and, the >relationships that we have formed within these non/tensions. [...]
>By the way, I would love to receive personal letters only from you. I get
>too much gifts, you know, and there is already so much to study. I do not
>want to run into the danger to unfocus the global dust of information
>through the high numbers of valued information i am in decreasing.
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