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CHAT: IKEA (was: Re: CHAT: F.L.O.E.S.)

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 25, 2004, 20:14
En réponse à And Rosta :

>Tristan: > > I have a job at IKEA. > >I'll thank you not to mention such unspeakable things! > >If I ever organize an international terror network >of mujahideen sworn to destroy the canker that destroys >the fabric of virtuous society, its target of targets >will be that swedish fount of evil. Like most people, >I used to be mildly pro-Sweden until I was cast into >the inferno that is I**a. Now blue and yellow -- and >the Scandinavian style consensual egalitarian social >democracy embodied by that den of iniquity -- fills me >with unutterable horror.
I must say I can't for the life of me understand what people have against IKEA. We have some furniture here bought from IKEA. Not only it is nice furniture, solid, classy, and cheap, but it was also a breeze to build (my boyfriend doesn't even look at the little drawings they always give with the furniture. He just looks at all the pieces and builds the whole thing in less than half an hour). Actually, my computer desk is an IKEA, and I'm extremely happy with it. So now if someone could explain me what is so wrong with IKEA, I'd be glad to know, because personally I only have positive experience with them. Christophe Grandsire. You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.


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